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Our coaching program is specific to your family system. Family members of an alcoholic or addict can be emotionally complex, confusing, and frightening. We will give you specific suggestions, tools and techniques with simple solutions to a complex family dynamic. We are here to help families that have been shattered by addiction. Get the help you need and you will quickly see changes for the better that seemed impossible in the addicted family.

We Offer 3 and 6 Month Family Programs

First, we will need to schedule a private, 30 minute consultation at no charge. After the meeting, you can secure your spot for family coaching. You will receive a link with details on payment methods and how to schedule your first session. During that session, we will walk you through everything you’ll have access to during our time together.

Nationwide Coaching

Our programs are available to anyone in the United States with online remote sessions.

St. Augustine, FL Office Location

Clients in North Florida have the option to meet face-to-face in our office, conveniently located in historic downtown St. Augustine.

Clinical services available in Florida.

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