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Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Dr. Brian Jackson

Doctor of Addictive Disorders

Hi there, I’m Brian Jackson.  I’m a Doctor of Addictive Disorders, a Florida Board Certified Addiction Professional and certified IC&RC.  I have worked in the field of Addiction Treatment for over 20 years at the Intensive Outpatient level of care. 


I have been recognized as an expert witness for biopsychosocial evaluations and expert witness testimony in family law and criminal cases. These services are available through Family and Addiction Experts. 

Growing up in an alcoholic home, and dealing with my own addiction, (22-year alumni of Betty Ford), I have felt the pain and know how deeply rooted this disease is.  Once I decided to get help I experienced a new freedom and new happiness. Today, my life is more beautiful than I dreamed it could be. 


Diane “Di” McQueen


Hey, I’m Di. I am an MSW, LCSW and MCAP licensed in the state of Florida. I have spent the last 12 years working with addicts (from all walks of life) and their families.  My experience shows that this disease does not discriminate. Families, the addict and the adult child aspect is my specialty

I have also specialized in Adult Children of Alcoholics coaching. Effective coaching does not include confrontations or blaming one's parents. It is possible to love someone and be disappointed and hurt at the same time. We cannot change the past or the people we love, healing and recovery are possible with support and guidance. Coaching with adult children of alcoholics can reduce shame, improve self-esteem and provide tools for healthier relationships.


I have lived on both sides of this disease and grew up as an adult child of addiction. I can truly state that being on the receiving end of an addicted loved one's disease is something that words can not describe, unless you have lived through it. After enduring so much personal pain, I became passionate about working in the addiction field. I began helping others navigate their way through the hopeless, anxious, and obsessive state of mind that is all part of the disease of addiction.

Reaching out for help was one of the most difficult things I had ever done.  I was ashamed and embarrassed that my life had come to this.  I needed help and got it! This  was the best decision I had ever made.  My life is full and I am truly a different person.


How We Joined Forces

We, Di and Brian, are partnering to focus on family healing.  After years in the field it became apparent to both of us there was a huge void of emotional support for families of addicts and alcoholics.  Families suffer as much, if not more than, their loved ones who are in active addiction.  

We want to offer support and guidance to families who feel their world is spinning out of control.  We have been where you are now, ready to give up…until we discovered there is a solution. 

We will give you the solution. Guiding  you through one of the most challenging times of your life is our goal.  The fear around accepting help is what prevents us from seeking the support we need.  Getting help will be the greatest gift you will ever give yourself.  Let’s navigate this journey together. 

Meet the Team: About Us

On Their Off Days

Brian enjoys swimming competitively, playing golf and chillin’ with his dog Luna. His wife, children and grandchild are the joys of his life. His favorite place is Lake Tahoe.  Brian's life is full of gratitude and would not have been had he not sought recovery as a lifestyle. 

Di loves the outdoors! Boating, hiking, nature, swimming, kayaking, cooking and reading are just a few of the activities she enjoys. Her kitties, of which she has 4, they are a huge part of her life. Hanging with her guy, friends and other family members means the world to her. All of this would not be possible without working a program of recovery for which she is truly grateful.

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